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The Levi's pants we sell are vintage and each one is unique. That is why, despite the fact that we show them on the web as a single product per color, within that color there are many units available in several different sizes.

As it is vintage clothing and Levi's sizing is not always true, we have created this size guide by measuring each pant from one end to the other and establishing intervals of centimeters for each size:

Waist (centimeters) Size
33-34 32
35-36 3. 4
36-38 36
38-40 38
40-42 40
42-44 42
44-46 44


Ideally, take other shorts you have, whatever brand they are, and measure them as shown in the photo:

For example, in this case, the pants measure 39 centimeters from side to side and are in the range of 38-40, which corresponds to a size 40.

If you need more information about the pants or want to make sure before making your purchase you can contact us and ask us what you need.